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The Treez Jalil Residence


    Sitting on a 2.6 acres freehold land, The Treez Jalil residence@ Bukit Jalil, with a class of its own filled with peace and serenity. Well dignified and elegant, it blends sleek urbanity with greenery.  All that you desire, the luxury green living and elegant lifestyle is well within reach. Embark on a total green living effortlessly for you well beyond contemporary comforts.

    The Treez Jalil Residence @ Bukit Jalil is a green oasis in urban living. It is oasis of calmness in a hectic rush of living. It rewrites the rules of luxury home and walks a new vision for green living.

    The First Green Residential Building In Southern KL (Provisional)

    It is named The Treez, after one of the most primitive shelters for man, which, at the same time, possesses a complexity in the ecosystem that makes it one of the most important building blocks in our quest to starve off global warming.

    The Treez’s architectural designs evokes the spirit of simplistic elegances, yet uncompromised in its resources management and general environmental appropriateness of the building structure. It is built-in with technologies and sustainable practices to improve the energy efficiency, water efficiency and indoor environment quality.

    In recognition of its eco-positivity, The Treez Jalil Residence @ Bukit Jalil aspired to be awarded Green Building Index (GBI) certification by the GBI Accreditation Panel. The six (6) key outstanding green features of The Treez Jalil Residence @ Bukit Jalil are as follows:


    Sustainable Site Planning and Management

    -        The Treez will be developed at an excellent site with planned access to the new LRT station and feeder bus route; more open spaces; extensive landscaping; eco-friendly and sustainable building design; quality construction; and resources management system.

    Indoor Enviromental Quality

    -        To achieve high indoor environment quality, The Treez will be built with the used of low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and formaldehyde-less building material to ensure healthy living. Also, for the same reason, the architect diligently creates more open space to promote good ventilation and allow sunlight beam down naturally, lighting the entire building.

    Material and Resources

    -        Meticulously sourced, all fittings and finishes are premium quality; building materials are environmental-friendly sources from sustainable sources, where possible. On top of these the Treez Jalil Residence@Bukit Jalil is also fitted with recycling facility.

    Energy Efficiency

    -        By integrating green technology and the use of green appliances, The Treez Jalil Residence @ Bukit Jalil make your home’s energy more earth-friendly. Application of renewable energy via solar panels and installation of energy-saving light bulbs at all common areas will significantly cut down the building’s electricity consumption.

    Water Efficiency

    -        The Treez will be equipped with a sophisticated Rain Harvesting System and Condensed Water Reuse System for plant watering, irrigation and reflective pool usage. It is also filled with water-efficient sanitary appliances and tap fittings to reduce portable water consumption.


    -        The Treez- Jalil Residence @ Bukit Jalil’s innovative architectural designs enable green features to flow seamlessly in and around each unit to create an energy efficient, highly sustainable home, and ultimately to meet the GBI Standard.


    Discover Pure Luxury Behind The Stately Entrance.

    Enjoy your light-filled world, secure and at ease. A real sense of security is evident the moment you enter the majestic grand entrance. With comprehensive advance 3-tier security, video intercom system and CCTVs in place can help to diminish insecurity perception and help you to stop worrying and to start your best life in green serenity.


    A Grand & Luxurious Main Lobby

    Befitting the finest green residential, The Treez Jalil Residence @ Bukit Jalil’s provides an extravagant lobby. It is a resort experience designed to enchant your senses. The design and featured furnishings, resembles the luxury that you would normally find a 5-star resort.


    Nourish yourself with Green’s Elegance

    The Treez Jalil Residence @ Bukit Jalil boasts a lifestyle that is truly like no other. Come home to your contemporary resort ambiance, glistening water of seamless pools, state-of-the-art clubhouse, featuring unrivaled recreational, fitness and health facilities. Resting in this realm of purity and calm, restore one’s healthy glow. It is designed for optimal indulgence & relaxation. This is where you can indulge your yearning for a soothing, serene and sophisticated setting. If living well is an art, then life at The Treez  Jalil Residence @ Bukit Jalil is a masterpiece. This, the city’s most innovative collection of homes, is designed to perfect your life. Indulge your body, revitalize your mind and invigorate your soul.


    Thoughtfully Conceived Beauty, Creativity & Harmony

    With an impressive array of residences, The Treez’s luxury homes are beautifully designed to reflect your refined taste and lifestyle. Privileged residents will be able to enjoy magnificent views of beautiful fairway, glorious green-park or the dynamic city skyline of Bukit Jalil. It is beautifully designed to reflect your taste & lifestyle. The Ultimate in elegant refinement is achieved only through scrupulous attention to the tiniest of details. The sculpted beauty of The Treez Jalil Residence@Bukit Jalil is reflected within the stunning interiors of each of its units. Premium quality materials and fittings have been carefully selected and designed to provide the most luxurious green living.



    A Condominium that offers a highly exclusive residence that adopts a fashionable, Modern And Natural Lifestyle

    You are spoilt for choice at The Treez Jalil Residence @ Bukit Jalil as there are various types of units from Condominium, CondoVilla, Penthouse and LinkVilla with a built up from 1,409 to 4,647 sq.ft.

    Each one is an unblemished piece of heaven blending seamlessly into the wondrous green zone of peace.




    Condovillas (A Modern Interpretation of Luxurious Urban Living)

    ·        An Amazing Residences that boasts an ultra cool 3-dimensional Lattice. It is majestic and spacious. With an elite double-volume living room, and a grand balcony overlooking linear garden; The Treez Jalil Residence @ Bukit Jalil offers you rustic experience in luxury green living.

    ·        Each and every unit here is designed to evoke a sense of contemporary elegance that is as functional as they are beautiful. The exceptional interior finishes reinforce our commitment to superior design and value.


    Penthouses/Lofts (Magnificent Residence with Breathtaking Panaromic)

    ·        The Treez Jalil Residence @ Bukit Jalil’s penthouse presents all of the luxuries aspects that green living is designed for. It is opulence beyond measure. Here, the unobstructed 180 degree stunning views across Bukit Jalil are yours exclusively.

    ·        The Loft serves as a private sanctuary, with an expansive 180-degree view of the city skyline. Let the beauty of captivating color, natural texture and open spaces comfort you while complementing your family’s unique lifestyle. The Treez Jalil Residence @ Bukit Jalil promises to give ‘luxury living’ a new bold meaning.


    LinkVillas (A Fine Expression Of Contemporary Living)

    ·        Rest your gaze upon the serene beauty of the private rooftop garden and sumptuous double-volume, each specially designed to evoke harmony within you and the environment. Spacious design offers more than enough room for relaxation, play work and intimacy-all in exclusive privacy. In this sphere, you, your loved ones and your esteemed guests enjoy only the splendid, exclusive experience.


    Tastefully Elaborated with an Uncommon Elegance

    It seduces you with its luxurious amnesty, deluxe residences and architectural splendor plus impeccable designer touches. Living at The Treez Jalil Residences @ Bukit Jalil, your senses will be elevated even higher.



    ·   Resort like main lobby with gorgeous sunken waiting lounge

    ·   Yoga Pavilion

    ·   Gym/Fitness Centre (Double-volume ceiling)

    ·   25m infinity edged swimming pool

    ·   Jacuzzi

    ·   Sun deck

    ·   Children’s wading pool

    ·   Mini Market

    ·   Nursery

    ·   Surau

    ·   Launderette

    ·   Bicycle corner

    ·   Elegant private lounge with counter bar top for F&B

    ·   Function room with gourmet kitchen

    ·   Children fun park with playground

    ·   Putting garden

    ·   Lush landscaping

    Location (The one and only in Bukit Jalil vicinity)

    Multiple access via Bukit Jalil highway, Kesas Highway, Lebuhraya Puchong-Damansara (LDP) and Lebuhraya Puchong-Damansara (LDP) and Lebuhraya Kuala Lumpur-Putrajaya (Maju Expressway) makes travelling a breeze. 

    It is just a stone throw away from 2 existing LRT stations and a bus terminal as well as an upcoming STAR LRT Station and within 15 minutes to KL, Cheras and PJ, 5 minutes to Puchong and 35 minutes to KLIA.


    The Treez

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